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Principles of Food Processing | Edition: 1

Principles of Food Processing | Edition: 1

Author: Richard W Hartel, Dennis R. Heldman
ISBN: 9780834212695
publisher: Springer US
publisher Date: 03/31/1997
Price: 99
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Florida A&M University
Description: This book focuses on the most common unit operations utilized in moder n food processing operations. It contains both descriptive and quantit ative analysis of the typical food processes found in modern food proc essing plants. The descriptive information provides students with back ground on the process and the impact of the process on food product qu ality. The quantitative description assists the student in understandi ng the ability of the process to achieve the desired result and the co nsequences of improper operation of the process. Examples utilizing di fferent food commodities are incorporated to ensure that the student g ains an appreciation of the relationship between commodities and proce sses.