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The background - why IKCEST?

Characterized by an ever-growing global exchange of vast amounts of information, our world has entered the era of big data. However, much of this data remains inaccessible on the Internet, available only within enterprises, research institutes, and institutions of higher learning – while invisible to others. To address this issue, there is an urgent need to establish an international organization to promote multi-stakeholder cooperation and assemble various data resources - and in so doing, establish a foundation of accumulated data with which to address global issues using an engineering approach. Therefore, under the framework of UNESCO, the International Knowledge Centre for Engineering Sciences and Technology (IKCEST) is devoted to mobilizing the global engineering science and technology community to assemble global data resources, produce and disseminate big data knowledge, and build capacity for the application of relevant technology.

The concept - what is IKCEST?

Under the auspices of UNESCO, IKCEST is a comprehensive and international knowledge centre devoted to the engineering sciences, technology and applied technology. IKCEST is established as a globally connected engineering institution, serving to assemble various digital resources relating to engineering sciences and technology, build a public data service platform and corresponding service environment, and coordinate the building of professional knowledge systems. IKCEST provides knowledge services at a global scale in the form of consultancies, scientific research and education for policy-makers, engineers, researchers and technicians in the field of engineering sciences and technology, with particular reference to the developing countries.

The specific tasks and functions of IKCEST are as follows:

◆ to establish an international engineering and technology resources hub

IKCEST will cooperate with research institutes, enterprises and institutions of higher learning worldwide to build a widely connected international hub for engineering and technology resources, thus laying a global data foundation from which to operate.

◆ to establish a public data service platform, and to develop the technology for mining and analyzing knowledge from big data

The public data service platform provides the engineering science and technology resources hub with technology support, data connections, data management and development, as well as other technological services. In addition, it serves to develop ground-breaking technology for large data mining and improvements in data-mining and policy-making ability.

◆ to cooperatively build professional knowledge service systems, and to build capacity in developing countries

On the basis of the engineering science and technology resources hub and the public data service platform, IKCEST will pool engineering science and technology institutions in different fields to focus on sustainable development and especially on promoting capacity-building for developing countries.

◆ to foster interdisciplinary engineering talents with big data processing ability

IKCEST will establish a training department, formulate and implement training plans for engineers and managerial staff to enhance their abilities for developing as well as operating and maintaining professional knowledge systems.

◆ to assist UNESCO to fulfill its aims and support its action plans

IKCEST will cooperate with UNESCO’s network of Category 1 and Category 2 Institutes and Centres in support of the organization’s efforts towards the attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – and in support of peace building, poverty elimination and sustainable development in a globalized world.

The approach – how does IKCEST work?

IKCEST serves as a UNESCO partner institution dedicated to the promotion of engineering science and technology development as well as knowledge education, and the building of knowledge-oriented societies on a global scale. Dependent on its extensive high-level international, regional and national cooperative networks, IKCEST will work in an inter-departmental and interdisciplinary manner.

◆ Towards the establishment of an international engineering science and technology resources hub

IKCEST links up with global research institutes, enterprises, institutions of higher learning, digital libraries, professional data bases, archives and other relevant institutions to assemble vast digital engineering resources in different disciplines, institutions and regions.

◆ Towards the establishment of professional knowledge service systems

The establishment of professional knowledge service systems in different fields requires a regularized development process and the presence of a strong governing body, so as to effectively pool the engineering science and technology forces in global research institutes, enterprises and institutions of higher learning. In turn, these institutions devote their combined capacities towards the building of professional knowledge service systems and the popularization of engineering science and technology education to improve innovative ability.

◆ As a contributor to UNESCO’s objectives

IKCEST is enhancing its cooperation with other institutes and centres of UNESCO, in particular the organization’s network of Category 1 and Category 2 Institutes and Centres. Cooperative priority will be given to the fields of engineering sciences and technology, water resources management, ocean science, climate change and other relevant areas, with the aim of effectively disseminating professional engineering knowledge and experience - thereby assisting UNESCO through the strengthening of engineering education and the promotion of career development for engineers. In addition, IKCEST will make full use of its support from the Chinese Academy of Engineering for the organization of symposia and training courses, thus assisting developing countries foster engineering talents - as well as extending cooperation in the fields of engineering sciences and technology.

The foundation – who supports IKCEST?

The Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the highest honorary and advisory academic institution in engineering sciences and technology in China, is responsible for the operation and management of the Centre. IKCEST also receives contributions and donations from governmental, non-governmental organizations and other partners.


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