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The Fabric of the Heavens The Development of Astronomy and Dynamics | Edition: 1

The Fabric of the Heavens The Development of Astronomy and Dynamics | Edition: 1

Author: Stephen Toulmin, June Goodfield
ISBN: 9780226808482
publisher: University of Chicago Press
publisher Date: 02/28/2012
Price: 23
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University
Description: Conceived as three companion volumes that form an introduction to the central ideas of the modern natural sciences, these books—intelligent, informative, and accessible—are an excellent source for those who have no technical knowledge of the subject.Praise for The Fabric of the Heavens:"I cannot remember when I last went through a book, any book, with such all-devouring zest. What is more, even the most complex technicalities are reduced to a positively crystalline clarity: If I can understand them, anyone can. The Fabric of the Heavens is, in every sense of the word, an eye-opener."—Peter Green, The Yorkshire Post"Not until the last chapter of the book is [the reader] allowed to think again wholly as a modern man has become accustomed, by common sense, to think. The discipline is admirably suited to the authors' task, and cunningly devised for the reader's edification—and, indeed, for his delight."—Physics TodayPraise for The Architecture of Matter:"The Architecture of Matter is to be warmly recommended. It is that rare achievement, a lively book which at the same time takes the fullest possible advantage of scholarly knowledge."—Charles C. Gillespie, New York Times Book Review"One is impressed by the felicity of the examples and by the lively clarity with which significant experiments and ideas are explained. . . . No other history of science is so consistently challenging."—Scientific AmericanPraise for The Discovery of Time:"A subject of absorbing interest . . . is presented not as a history of science, but as a chapter in the history of ideas from the ancient Greeks to our own time."—Times Literary Supplement