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Home A Short History of an Idea

Home A Short History of an Idea

Author: Witold Rybczynski
ISBN: 9780140102314
publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
publisher Date: 07/28/1987
Price: 16
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,Loyola University Maryland,Boston University,Drexel University
Description: Walk through five centuries of homes both great and small—from the smoke-filled manor halls of the Middle Ages to today's Ralph Lauren-designed environments—on a house tour like no other, one that delightfully explicates the very idea of "home."You'll see how social and cultural changes influenced styles of decoration and furnishing, learn the connection between wall-hung religious tapestries and wall-to-wall carpeting, discover how some of our most welcome luxuries were born of architectural necessity, and much more. Most of all, Home opens a rare window into our private lives—and how we really want to live.