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The Body Eclectic Evolving Practices in Dance Training

The Body Eclectic Evolving Practices in Dance Training

Author: Melanie Bales (Editor), Rebecca Nettl-Fiol (Editor)
ISBN: 9780252074899
publisher: University of Illinois Press
publisher Date: 01/28/2008
Price: 33
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,University of Michigan -Ann Arbor North,The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,Emory University
Description: This rich collection of essays and interviews explores modern-dance technique training from the past fifty years. Focusing on the culture of dance, editors Melanie Bales and Rebecca Nettl-Fiol examine choreographic process and style, dancer agency and participation in the creative process, and changes in the role and purpose of training. Bringing recent writings on dance into dialogue with dance practice, The Body Eclectic: Evolving Practices in Dance Training asks readers to consider the relationship between training practices and choreographic style and content. The contributors explore how technique training both guides and reflects the art of dance.