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Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation | Edition: 9

Fundamentals of Partnership Taxation | Edition: 9

Author: Stephen Schwarz, Daniel J. Lathrope
ISBN: 9781609300692
publisher: West Academic
publisher Date: 06/28/2012
Price: 210
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University of South Carolina,Wayne State University,Mississippi State University,Texas A&M University,University of Michigan -Dearborn,Unversity of Mississippi,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey-Newark,The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,Penn State University,Emory University,Tulane University,Boston University,Columbia University,Southern Methodist University,University of Colorado at Boulder,Case Western Reserve University,University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Description: The ninth edition of this leading casebook continues the long tradition of teaching the “fundamentals” of a highly complex subject through the use of clear and lively explanatory text, skillfully drafted problems, and a selective mix of original source materials to accompany the Code and regulations. Important highlights of the ninth edition include:Coverage of all significant developments since the last edition, including proposed regulations interpreting the § 706 varying interest rule and defining “interest in a limited partnership” for purposes of the § 469 passive loss limitations.A fresh perspective on choice of entity, including employment tax considerations for partners and LLC members.New author’s text discussing series LLCs and partnership debt-for-equity exchanges.Revised text on special allocations under § 704(b) with a new section on target allocations.An update on the partnership “carried interest” controversy and prospects for future legislation.Pruning of dated materials and some technical minutia, and more tightly edited cases, notes and problems.