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The Social Work Ethics Casebook Cases and Commentary

The Social Work Ethics Casebook Cases and Commentary

Author: Frederic G. Reamer
ISBN: 9780871013835
publisher: National Association of Social Workers/N A S W Press
publisher Date: 03/15/2009
Price: 45.6
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,Louislana State University
Description: The Social Work Ethics Casebook-Cases and Commentary is the first ethics casebook, including extensive cases and commentary, published exclusively for social workers. The book's realistic ethics cases provide a useful tool for rich discussion of ethical dilemmas and ethical decision making. Following each set of cases, Reamer includes commentary highlighting key ethics concepts and references to relevant standards in the NASW Code of Ethics.The release of Social Work Ethics Casebook highlights ethical issues related to confidentiality and privacy, informed consent, client self-determination, professional paternalism, boundary issues and dual relationships, conflicts of interest, cultural and ethnic diversity, termination of services, administration, collegial impairment, commitments to employers, social work education and training, and more. Each section of the book also includes discussion questions designed to enhance readers' understanding and application of important ethics concepts.Special Features• Complex ethical dilemmas cited in diverse areas of social work practice [such as mental health, child welfare, family services, substances abuse treatment, elder services, school social work, social work administration, social work research and evaluation]• Relevant standards in the NASW Code of Ethics highlighted throughout• Ideal format for use by social workers involved with teaching, supervision, training, continuing education, and consultation