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Therapeutic Modalities | Edition: 4

Therapeutic Modalities | Edition: 4

Author: Chad Starkey
ISBN: 9780803625938
publisher: F. A. Davis Company
publisher Date: 01/23/2013
Price: 82.95
eBookPrice: 72.6
Schools: Temple University,University of South Carolina,Washington State University,University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,Minnersota State University at Mankato,Texas A&M University,Stony Brook University(SUNY),Louislana State University,New Mexico State University
Description: The 4th Edition of the field’s premier text on therapeutic modalities reflects evidence-based practice research and technologies that are impacting professional practice today. Step by step, you’ll build a solid foundation in the theory and science that underlie today’s best practices and then learn how to treat a wide range of orthopedic injuries. See what reviewers and instructors have said about previous editions…"This book is an excellent resource for students or for experienced athletic trainers, physical therapists, or medical personnel. The numerous tables and illustrations and appendixes further enhance this friendlier edition. The 'at a glance' pages give the reader a quick overview of the text for each modality. Rather than using a cookbook method, the author encourages clinicians to use their own decision-making process to apply modalities appropriately, depending on the tissue depth and type, the injury, and the goal of therapy. An easy-to-follow reference as well as a suitable textbook for students."—Rose L. Smith, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH for Physical Therapy, Volume 85, No. 9, September 2005"Therapeutic Modalities is a well-written...text that balances fundamental theory with clinical application...Covering all the essential modalities, this book can serve as an introductory text for athletic training students or as a useful clinical reference...A useful addition to the athletic trainer’s resource library."—Athletic Therapy Today"I highly recommend this text to…students of physical therapy and athletic training."—Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy "Provides a comprehensive survey of the use of therapeutic modalities in the treatment of orthopaedic injuries."—Journal of Athletic Training