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Fundamentals of Phonetics A Practical Guide for Students | Edition: 3

Fundamentals of Phonetics A Practical Guide for Students | Edition: 3

Author: Larry H. Small
ISBN: 9780132582100
publisher: Pearson
publisher Date: 04/18/2011
Price: 187.4
eBookPrice: 112
Schools: University of South Carolina,Loyola University Maryland,The University of South Dakota,Buffalo State College(SUNY),Louislana State University,Boston University,University of Colorado at Boulder,New Mexico State University
Description: An introduction to the fundamentals of linguistic phonetics filled with learning tools that focus on practical phonetic transcription skills. Through in-text exercises and accompanying audio recordings, this introductory text makes the learning of phonetics clear, systematic, and easy. Appropriate for both undergraduate and graduate students in the speech and hearing professions, this book focuses on teaching students the practical skills necessary to successfully perform phonetic transcription of individuals with speech sound disorders. Beginning with pertinent information on normal speech production, this introductory text then introduces students to the transcription of consonants and vowels, connected speech, and individuals with speech sound disorders. Students also learn the transcription of regional and ethnic dialectal variations of speech. Throughout the well-organized text, CD icons, learning exercises, objectives, and study questions help students learn and process the text’s material.