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Theories in Second Language Acquisition An Introduction | Edition: 1

Theories in Second Language Acquisition An Introduction | Edition: 1

Author: Bill VanPatten (Editor), Jessica Williams (Editor)
ISBN: 9780805857382
publisher: Taylor & Francis
publisher Date: 10/01/2006
Price: 51.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University of South Carolina,Louislana State University,Columbia University
Description: Theories in Second Language Acquisition surveys the major theoretical approaches currently used in second language acquisition (SLA) research, providing a systematic and coherent presentation in a single source. Each chapter follows a consistent chapter model constructed around the same set of questions, including "What is the Theory?" "What are the major constructs?" "What counts as evidence?" "What are the common misunderstandings about the theory?" The answers to these questions are written at a basic level by a leading expert in the respective theoretical model. As a result, the volume as a whole presents complex ideas in an accessible manner.The book’s methodical format allows for easy comparison of approaches. Topics of discussion throughout include:*early theories in SLA;*linguistic theory, universal grammar, and SLA;*the concept-oriented approach;*the associative-cognitive creed;*skill acquisition theory; and*processibility theory and autonomous induction.Intended to serve as an introductory textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students, Theories in Second Language Acquisition is an exceptionally thorough resource that effectively expounds the theoretical foundations of the field.