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Environmental Chemistry, Ninth Edition | Edition: 9

Environmental Chemistry, Ninth Edition | Edition: 9

Author: Stanley E. Manahan
ISBN: 9781420059205
publisher: Taylor & Francis
publisher Date: 12/15/2009
Price: 125.95
eBookPrice: 125.95
Schools: Temple University,Rochester Institute of Technology,Minnersota State University at Mankato,Louislana State University,Southern Methodist University,Wright State University
Description: The field of environmental chemistry has evolved significantly since the publication of the first edition of Environmental Chemistry. Throughout the book’s long life, it has chronicled emerging issues such as organochloride pesticides, detergent phosphates, stratospheric ozone depletion, the banning of chlorofluorocarbons, and greenhouse warming. During this time the first Nobel Prize for environmental chemistry was awarded. Written by environmental chemist Stanley Manahan, each edition has reflected the field’s shift of emphasis from pollution and its effects to its current emphasis on sustainability.What makes this book so enduring? Completely revised, this ninth edition retains the organizational structure that has made past editions so popular with students and professors while updating coverage of principles, tools, and techniques to provide fundamental understanding of environmental chemistry and its applications. It includes end-of chapter questions and problems, and a solutions manual is available upon qualifying course adoptions. Rather than immediately discussing specific environmental problems, Manahan systematically develops the concept of environmental chemistry so that when he covers specific pollutions problems the background necessary to understand the problem has already been developed. New in the Ninth Edition:revised discussion of sustainability and environmental scienceupdates information on chemical fate and transport, cycles of matterexamination of the connection between environmental chemistry and green chemistrycoverage of transgenic cropsthe role of energy in sustainabilitypotential use of toxic substances in terrorist attacksManahan emphasizes the importance of the anthrosphere – that part of the environment made and operated by humans and their technologies. Acknowledging technology will be used to support humankind on the planet, it is important that the anthrosphere be designed and operated in a manner that is compatible with sustainability and that it interacts constructively with the other environmental spheres. With clear explanations, real-world examples, and updated questions and answers, the book emphases the concepts essential to the practice of environmental science, technology, and chemistry while introducing the newest innovations in the field. Readily adapted for classroom use, a solutions manual is available with qualifying course adoption.