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Contemporary Auditing | Edition: 10

Contemporary Auditing | Edition: 10

Author: Michael C. Knapp
ISBN: 9781285066608
publisher: Cengage Learning
publisher Date: 07/28/2014
Price: 177
eBookPrice: 61.5
Schools: Temple University,Washington State University,Wayne State University,Mississippi State University,Florida A&M University,Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis,Stony Brook University(SUNY),Georgia Institute of Techology,Clemson University,Drexel University,University of Delaware,New Mexico State University
Description: The tenth edition of Knapp's CONTEMPORARY AUDITING utilizes real-world cases to highlight the work environment of auditors. Using real-world examples and pointing out potential red flags, these cases help users to identify audit problem areas. Knapp's CONTEMPORARY AUDITING contains the most recent, compelling, and up-to-date examples. Those cases most widely used by adopters have been retained: Enron Corporation, Golden Bear Golf, Hopkins v. Price Waterhouse, Lehman Brothers, Leigh Ann Walker, Madoff Securities, The Trolley Dodgers, and ZZZZ Best Company. Many of the "returning" cases have been updated to include relevant circumstances and events that have occurred since the publication of the previous edition. This edition features 18 new cases. Three of them are comprehensive cases: AA Capital Partners, DHB Industries, and Navistar International Corporation. New cases in the Audits of High-Risk Accounts section include LocatePlus Holdings Corporation, Powder River Petroleum International, and Take-Two Interactive Software. The sections of the book that focus on ethical issues have three new cases: Accuhealth, Dell, and Wichita Falls. Section 5, Ethical Responsibilities of Independent Auditors, has new cases on IPOC International Growth Fund, Richard Grimes, Staff Accountant, and Ryden Trucking. The final new case is an international case, Longtop Financial Technologies Limited. The tenth edition fully integrates all recent risk assessment standards recently adopted by the auditing community.