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International Business Law and Its Environment | Edition: 9

International Business Law and Its Environment | Edition: 9

Author: Richard Schaffer, Filiberto Agusti, Lucien J. Dhooge
ISBN: 9781285427041
publisher: Cengage Learning
publisher Date: 01/01/2014
Price: 404.65
eBookPrice: 142.5
Schools: Temple University,Washington State University,Mississippi State University,Minnersota State University at Mankato,Pace University-New York City,Georgia Institute of Techology,Clemson University,Tulane University,Boston University,Drexel University
Description: Today most people agree that no business is purely domestic and that even the smallest local firms are affected by global competition and world events. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ITS LEGAL ENVIRONMENT is designed to deliver comprehensive, yet accessible, coverage of the legal implications and ramifications of doing business internationally, along with the related cultural, political, economic, and ethical issues faced by global business managers. Focusing on trade, the licensing of intellectual property, and foreign direct investment, the authors present the three major forms of doing business in a foreign country through real-world examples, precedent-setting cases, managerial implications, and ethical considerations. From the legal relationship between parties in an international business transaction to managing risk to learning the special challenges of doing business in emerging economies, the 9th Edition helps students understand the most common practices and critical issues in global business law.