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Ethics and the Environment An Introduction | Edition: 1

Ethics and the Environment An Introduction | Edition: 1

Author: Dale Jamieson
ISBN: 9780521682848
publisher: Cambridge University Press
publisher Date: 02/29/2008
Price: 35
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey,Minnersota State University at Mankato,Dartmouth College,Penn State University
Description: What is the environment, and how does it figure in an ethical life? This book is an introduction to the philosophical issues involved in this important question, focussing primarily on ethics but also encompassing questions in aesthetics and political philosophy. Topics discussed include the environment as an ethical question, human morality, meta-ethics, normative ethics, humans and other animals, the value of nature, and nature's future. The discussion is accessible and richly illustrated with examples. The book will be valuable for students taking courses in environmental philosophy, and also for a wider audience in courses in ethics, practical ethics, and environmental studies. It will also appeal to general readers who want a reliable and sophisticated introduction to the field.