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Food and Culture A Reader | Edition: 3

Food and Culture A Reader | Edition: 3

Author: Carole Counihan (Editor), Penny Van Esterik (Editor)
ISBN: 9780415521048
publisher: Taylor & Francis
publisher Date: 11/02/2012
Price: 69.95
eBookPrice: 69.95
Schools: Temple University,University of Houston,George Mason University,Rochester Institute of Technology,Wayne State University,Mississippi State University,The University of South Dakota,Tufts University,Minnersota State University at Mankato,University of Nevada - Las Vegas,Buffalo State College(SUNY),Texas A&M University,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,College of William and Mary,Tulane University,Boston University,Brandeis Univeisity,Columbia University,Vanderbilt University,Rice University,Southern Methodist University,University of Colorado at Boulder,University of North Carolina at Charlotte,New Mexico State University
Description: The classic book that helped to define and legitimize the field of food and culture studies is now available, with major revisions, in a specially affordable e-book version (978-0-203-07975-1). The third edition includes 40 original essays and reprints of previously published classics under 5 Sections: FOUNDATIONS, HEGEMONY AND DIFFERENCE, CONSUMPTION AND EMBODIMENT, FOOD AND GLOBALIZATION, and CHALLENGING, CONTESTING, AND TRANSFORMING THE FOOD SYSTEM.17 of the 40 articles included are either, new to this edition, rewritten by their original authors, or edited by Counihan and van Esterik. A bank of test items applicable to each article in the book is available to instructors interested in selecting this edition for course use. Simply send an e.mail to the publisher at companionaccess@informa.com.