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Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts | Edition: 4

Econometric Models and Economic Forecasts | Edition: 4

Author: Robert S. Pindyck, Daniel L. Rubinfeld
ISBN: 9780070502086
publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
publisher Date: 11/01/1997
Price: 192
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,George Mason University,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey-Newark,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,College of William and Mary,University of Delaware
Description: Major revision of this highly successful Econometrics text. Widely adopted because of its blend of clear topic coverage and broad range of applications,the book is suitable for undergraduate and beginning-level graduate Econometrics courses,as well as a variety of business and economics courses that teach concepts of econometric models,forecasting,and quantitative analysis. This edition features many new topics that have come into wide use in recent years. In addition,every chapter is reviewed for pedagogical clarity and material is reorganized for maximum cohesiveness. Also,the major econometric models in the book are re-estimated for accuracy,and all data-based examples and problems are updated as needed. Computer software is available with this edition.