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Rhetorical Criticism Exploration and Practice | Edition: 4

Rhetorical Criticism Exploration and Practice | Edition: 4

Author: Sonja K. Foss
ISBN: 9781577665861
publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
publisher Date: 07/28/2008
Price: 53.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,George Mason University,University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,Rochester Institute of Technology,Wayne State University,The University of South Dakota,University of Nevada - Las Vegas,Buffalo State College(SUNY),Texas A&M University,Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis,Indiana University -Purdue University Columbus,University of Michigan -Dearborn,University of North Carolina at Wilmington,Massachusetts Institute of Technology,Louislana State University,University of New Hampshire,Penn State University,Boston University,Southern Methodist University,University of North Carolina at Charlotte,New Mexico State University,University of Central Arkansas
Description: In her introduction to rhetorical criticism, Foss (U. of Colorado, Denver) emphasizes the importance of symbols in effective communication. She explains the roots of rhetorical criticism and a variety of critical approaches, such as cluster, fantasy-themed and feminist criticism. To ground her discussion of theories, Foss uses artifacts, including speeches by Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush and artwork by Hieronymus Bosch and Judy Chicago, along with essays about those artifacts. With such varied and extensive material, the text would be improved with a subject index. Annotation ©2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR