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An Introduction to Group Work Practice | Edition: 7

An Introduction to Group Work Practice | Edition: 7

Author: Ronald W. Toseland, Robert F. Rivas
ISBN: 9780205820047
publisher: Pearson
publisher Date: 02/14/2011
Price: 186.2
eBookPrice: 112
Schools: Temple University,University of South Carolina,George Mason University,University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire,Wayne State University,The University of South Dakota,University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,Florida A&M University,Buffalo State College(SUNY),Indiana University -Purdue University Indianapolis,Unversity of Mississippi,University of North Carolina at Wilmington,Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey-Camden,University at Albany (SUNY),University of Chicago,Louislana State University,University of New Hampshire,Columbia University,Case Western Reserve University,New Mexico State University
Description: This comprehenisve group practice text prepares students to work with either treatment or task oriented groups, this comprehensive revised edition offers the most up-to-date research available and continues to stress the importance of developing skills in group-work. Students receive a thorough grounding in areas that vary from treatment to organizational and community settings. Numerous case studies, practice examples, and guiding principles add to the ease and readability of this popular text. Content is tied to CSWE's core competencies and practice behaviors that are necessary for generalist and specialized social work practice with groups.