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The Everyday Language of White Racism | Edition: 1

The Everyday Language of White Racism | Edition: 1

Author: Jane H. Hill
ISBN: 9781405184533
publisher: Wiley
publisher Date: 10/24/2008
Price: 46.95
eBookPrice: 23.5
Schools: Temple University,University of South Carolina,Washington State University,University of Chicago,College of William and Mary,University of Rochester,University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Description: In The Everyday Language of White Racism, Jane H. Hill provides an incisive analysis of everyday language to reveal the underlying racist stereotypes that continue to circulate in American culture. provides a detailed background on the theory of race and racism reveals how racializing discourse—talk and text that produces and reproduces ideas about races and assigns people to them—facilitates a victim-blaming logic integrates a broad and interdisciplinary range of literature from sociology, social psychology, justice studies, critical legal studies, philosophy, literature, and other disciplines that have studied racism, as well as material from anthropology and sociolinguistics Part of the Blackwell Studies in Discourse and Culture Series