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Actions the Actors' Thesaurus | Edition: 1

Actions the Actors' Thesaurus | Edition: 1

Author: Marina Calderone, Terry Johnson (Foreword by), Maggie Lloyd-Williams
ISBN: 9780896762527
publisher: Drama Publishers/Quite Specific Media
publisher Date: 05/28/2004
Price: 19.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Temple University,University of Maryland College Park,University of Michigan -Flint,Wayne State University,University of Nevada - Las Vegas,Buffalo State College(SUNY),Texas A&M University,University of Michigan -Ann Arbor North,Unversity of Mississippi,University of Chicago,Dartmouth College,The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor,Penn State University,College of William and Mary,Boston University,Brandeis Univeisity,Wellesley College,Southern Methodist University,University of Colorado at Boulder,University of Delaware,Case Western Reserve University,Wright State University
Description: An essential companion for actors in rehearsal - a thesaurus of action words to revitalize performance.