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Turf Management for Golf Courses | Edition: 2

Turf Management for Golf Courses | Edition: 2

Author: James B Beard
ISBN: 9781575040929
publisher: Wiley
publisher Date: 07/12/2002
Price: 170
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
Description: Commonly referred to as "Beard's Bible," after Dr. James B. Beard, the internationally recognized turfgrass agronomist who wrote it, the first edition of this essential work sold over 50,000. Since then, Dr. Beard has spent 16 years compiling his scientific research to update his original best-seller, which is written in conjunction with the entire USGA Green Section and covers every practical and technical aspect of turfgrass management, maintenance, and operation. This new edition also boasts hundreds of new color photographs, color drawings, and useful tables that illustrate Dr. Beard's research-proven techniques. Now you can put Dr. Beard's three-decades of experience, and the collective field experience of the USGA Green Section, on your desk in the most complete, most detailed, and most useful manual-of-practice ever published.