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Auto Electricity & Electronics, A6 | Edition: 6

Auto Electricity & Electronics, A6 | Edition: 6

Author: James E. Duffy
ISBN: 9781619607477
publisher: Goodheart-Willcox Publisher
publisher Date: 06/01/2014
Price: 106.65
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
Description: Auto Electricity and Electronics teaches the design, operation, and diagnosis of starting, charging, ignition, lighting, and other major systems. The text stresses the use of on-board diagnostics, as well as conventional meter tests, to find electrical, electronic, and computer-related problems. A chapter on advanced diagnostics covers the latest equipment and techniques used to locate problems. This is a valuable resource to those preparing for ASE Certification Test A6, Electrical/Electronic Systems. The text is correlated to the Electrical/Electronic Systems section of the NATEF Task List. A full chapter on on-board diagnostics is included, detailing OBD II systems and emphasizing the use of scan tools to help pinpoint computer system problems. Two full chapters on hybrid drive systems detail the basic principles of operation, diagnosis, and repair. Optional digital platform including premium online text, shop manual, workbook, videos, animations, instructional content, and course management tools is available.