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Jig and Fixture Design, 5E | Edition: 5

Jig and Fixture Design, 5E | Edition: 5

Author: Edward Hoffman
ISBN: 9781401811075
publisher: Cengage Learning
publisher Date: 08/21/2003
Price: 247
eBookPrice: 68.5
Schools: Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute
Description: By emphasizing similarities among types and styles, Jig and Fixture Design, 5E speeds readers to a complete understanding of the why's and how's of designing and building a variety of different workholders for manufacturing. From simple template and plate-type jigs to complex channel and box-type tooling, this newly revised edition features more than 500 illustrations of tools and applications to spur readers to success. All-new sections on assembly tools, handling tools, and catalog reading enable readers to develop important skills. Specific examples of various jigs and commercially available fixtures also appear to guide readers in developing their understanding of how design principles, as well as the latest design and manufacturing technologies, are being applied in the construction of jigs and fixtures today. As in past editions, heavy emphasis is placed on the economics of jigs and fixtures, including methods and formulas for use in estimating workholder costs. A solid background in industrial processes, as well as machine shop technology, is assumed.