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RNotes Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide | Edition: 4

RNotes Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide | Edition: 4

Author: Ehren Myers
ISBN: 9780803640245
publisher: F. A. Davis Company
publisher Date: 03/20/2014
Price: 28.95
eBookPrice: 24.45
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: A Davis’s Notes title!Rely on this handy guide to quickly reference the practical, must-know information you need to deliver safe and effective health care in both hospital and home settings for all of your patients. Its handy pocket size and waterproof pages are great for students and educators on the go, while NCLEX tips, highlighted throughout, make it perfect for those preparing for the licensure exam.Thoroughly revised and updated throughout, the 4th Edition delivers even more of the commonly-used but rarely memorized clinical information you need in class, clinical, and practice.What students are saying:“So much perfect info in such a small container. I love it. You can find anything fast and concise.”– M.S. Burton, Amazon.com“This is an excellent resource for Nursing students… It is the most compact and complete cheat sheet I've seen thus far.”– Angela, Amazon.com“My classmates are so jealous that I have this handy little notes. Good guide to have for beginners and nursing students.”– Ingrid Perpetua, Amazon.com“Wished I bought this at the beginning of my nursing program. There is so much helpful info. It makes for a great review material too if you need a refresher.”– M. Nguyen, Amazon.com“I am a nursing student and like to have information right at my fingertips. I carry this little book wherever I go. It's perfect for clinicals or simulations. Normal lab values and ecg interpretations are my favorite part.”– Christine Plaz, Amazon.com