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The Definition of Death Contemporary Controversies | Edition: 1

The Definition of Death Contemporary Controversies | Edition: 1

Author: Stuart J. Youngner (Editor), Robert M. Arnold, Robert M. Arnold (Editor)
ISBN: 9780801872297
publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
publisher Date: 10/01/2002
Price: 29
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: The Definition of Death: Contemporary Controversies is the first comprehensive review of the clinical, philosophical, and public policy implications of our effort to redefine the change in status from living person to corpse. It is the result of a collaboration among internationally recognized scholars from the fields of medicine, philosophy, social science, law, and religious studies. Throughout, the contributors struggle to reconcile inconsistencies and gaps in our traditional understanding of death and to respond to the public's concern that, in the determination of death under current policies, patients' interests may be compromised by the demand for organ retrieval.