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Case Studies In Public Health Preparedness And Response To Disasters

Case Studies In Public Health Preparedness And Response To Disasters

Author: Linda Y Landesman, Isaac B. Weisfuse
ISBN: 9781284057027
publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
publisher Date: 04/21/2014
Price: 101
eBookPrice: 65.95
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: From extreme weather events such as Superstorm Sandy, man-made tragedies like the Madrid train bombings, the threat of bioterrorism, and emerging infections such as the H1N1 pandemic flu, disasters are creating increasingly profound threats to health of populations around the globe.Through a presentation of 16 case studies, the authors examine the broad range of public health scenarios through the lens of emergency preparedness and planning. Designed for students across a wide spectrum of health and safety disciplines, this text uniquely demonstrates the application of public health preparedness competencies established by the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH).Key Features:- Presents 16 case studies on preparedness, from natural disasters to pandemic infection.- Demonstrates the application of the ASPH Public Health Preparedness competencies.- Makes an ideal complement to any text on disaster preparedness or public health leadership, or can be used as a standalone text."Case Studies in Public Health Preparedness is written by some of the best emergency preparedness and response professionals in the business; it is a must read for anyone who needs to prepare for or respond to an emergency.”—Michael Osterholm Ph.D, MPH, Professor and Director, Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, University of Minnesota