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Health Economics An International Perspective | Edition: 3

Health Economics An International Perspective | Edition: 3

Author: Barbara McPake, Charles Normand, Samantha Smith
ISBN: 9780415680882
publisher: Taylor & Francis
publisher Date: 07/08/2013
Price: 70.95
eBookPrice: 70.95
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: This third edition of Barbara McPake and Charles Normand’s textbook confirms it as providing the only properly international treatment of health economics on the market. A key tenet of the book is its analysis of comparative health systems across borders, and the text has been updated and revised to take account of changes in a host of countries.Barack Obama’s reforms in the United States are considered alongside the provision of healthcare in China, providing a unique overview of these different approaches. The introduction of performance related payment in various forms is appraised, with the experience of developing countries such as Cambodia, Rwanda and Uganda important in this regard. An overview of the range of mathematical techniques available to perform economic evaluation in healthcare is also introduced, although the text avoids becoming too technical. In all, the text builds on the success of the first edition and provides the perfect introduction to the fast changing world of health economics.