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How Migrant Labor is Changing Rural China | Edition: 1

How Migrant Labor is Changing Rural China | Edition: 1

Author: Rachel Murphy
ISBN: 9780521005302
publisher: Cambridge University Press
publisher Date: 09/28/2002
Price: 45
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: This study examines the changing effects of labor migration on the countryside of post-Mao China. Most of the changes are occurring because the migrants send money home and return to their villages for visits or to resettle. The return flows of money, people and information affects rural inequalities, rural spending patterns, agriculture, family relationships, the position of women, and the interactions between villagers and officials. Importantly, some returned migrants even create businesses at home. The book is based on in-depth fieldwork in the Chinese countryside, and it draws comparisons with migration and rural development in other countries.