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Blurring the Edges Integrated Curriculum Through Writing and Children's Literature | Edition: 1

Blurring the Edges Integrated Curriculum Through Writing and Children's Literature | Edition: 1

Author: Barbara Chatton, N Lynne Decker Collins, N. Lynne Collins
ISBN: 9780325001449
publisher: Heinemann
publisher Date: 03/08/1999
Price: 27.5
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: The current emphasis on interdisciplinary teaching offers exciting opportunities to create dynamic literacy experiences across the curriculum. Through a unique approach to curriculum integration that combines quality literature, the writing process, and content-area instruction, Blurring the Edges helps you make the most of these opportunities. Barbara Chatton and Lynne Decker Collins blur subject-area and genre distinctions, presenting dozens of ideas on thematic units.Blurring the Edges embraces three central themes:play as a model for learningexperimentation as a way of knowinglanguage as a vehicle for moving in and out of traditional subject area domains.Each activity provides students with diverse opportunities to read and write in a variety of forms and for authentic purposes. The goal is to encourage students to express themselves more freely-as poets, scientists, historians, journalists, mathematicians, artists. At the end of each activity, the authors provide extensive annotated lists of appropriate literature to get you started. Each annotation includes a helpful grade level designation and the book concludes with a comprehensive index to help you locate specific authors, titles, and subjects.Blurring the Edges challenges you to broaden the lens of instruction to create unique viewing experiences for your students. You'll find that just as the edges blur, your students' vision of themselves as competent readers, writers, and thinkers will come sharply into focus.