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COBOL  From Micro to Mainframe | Edition: 3

COBOL From Micro to Mainframe | Edition: 3

Author: Robert Grauer, Carol Vasquez Villar, Arthur R. Buss
ISBN: 9780137908172
publisher: Pearson
publisher Date: 03/25/1998
Price: 197.8
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: 79081-6 The third edition of COBOL: From Micro to Mainframe is designed to satisfy all of your COBOL needs - on multiple platforms. The textbook covers all basic COBOL elements, with additional chapters on the Year 2000 problem, structured programming and design, debugging, subprograms, table processing, sorting, screen I/O, sequential file maintenance, indexed files, and object-oriented COBOL. The third edition teaches programming as it is practiced in the real world, with programming tips that go beyond the syntactical rules of COBOL, that make programs easier to maintain and run more efficiently. Best-selling author Robert T. Grauer and co-authors Carol Vazquez Villar and Arthur R. Buss provide you with a complete learning package - available with the Micro Focus Personal COBOL for Windows compiler -that will prepare you for success with COBOL programming. Look for these enhancements in the third edition: NEW -Our most important revision is an entirely new chapter on the Year 2000 problem that discusses the nature of changes that need to be made to existing COBOL programs. NEW - A second new chapter is devoted to Object-Oriented COBOL Programming, an emerging technology of increased importance in the COBOL world. NEW - Availability of the Micro Focus Personal COBOL for Windows with the third edition. A new appendix has been added with more than 60 screen shots describing how to use the software. NEW AND REVISED appendix with more than 100 programming projects.