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Principles of Parallel Programming | Edition: 1

Principles of Parallel Programming | Edition: 1

Author: Calvin Lin, Lawrence Snyder, Larry Snyder
ISBN: 9780321487902
publisher: Pearson
publisher Date: 03/11/2008
Price: 173
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Unversity of Mississippi,University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: With the rise of multi-core architecture, parallel programming is an increasingly important topic for software engineers and computer system designers. Written by well-known researchers Larry Snyder and Calvin Lin, this highly anticipated first edition emphasizes the principles underlying parallel computation, explains the various phenomena, and clarifies why these phenomena represent opportunities or barriers to successful parallel programming. Ideal for an advanced upper-level undergraduate course, Principles of Parallel Programming supplies enduring knowledge that will outlive the current hardware and software, aiming to inspire future researchers to build tomorrow’s solutions.