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Health Communication in the New Media Landscape

Health Communication in the New Media Landscape

Author: Jerry C. Parker (Editor), Esther Thorson (Editor)
ISBN: 9780826101228
publisher: Springer Publishing Company, Incorporated
publisher Date: 10/20/2008
Price: 80
eBookPrice: 70
Schools: University at Albany (SUNY)
Description: This is a timely discussion of using new information technologies and media for communicating diverse health information to diverse audiences. This book is useful, readable, current, well organized, and seems to be a unique contribution." --Doody's In this volume there are examples of how advances in technology not only empower individuals in their interactions with a health system but also enable health professionals to better tailor their work and time for the benefit of patients and clients." -Paul R. Gully, MB, ChB, FRCPC, FFPH, World Health Organization, Geneva Switzerland (From the Foreword) To date, little guidance exists for health care professionals who want and need new ways to communicate health information with each other, their patients, and the general public. To address this need, Health Communication in the New Media Landscape presents innovative, media-based methods of communication to graduate students, educators, health care professionals, public health officials, and communication experts. Health Communication in the New Media Landscape demonstrates the extent to which modern, digital technology can serve as the most practical and efficient form of distributing health-related information. The authors are confident that, if implemented wisely, technology can and will transform the face of health communication as we know it. This unique book addresses the following: The role technology can and will play in health communication How new media can be used to improve health literacy How patients can learn about health-related issues and health care New ways practitioners will be able to communicate with their patients How persons with chronic diseases learn about resources, support systems, and rehabilitation The impact of the new media landscape on health care providers, insurance companies, and health care policies