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Perspectives in Business Ethics | Edition: 3

Perspectives in Business Ethics | Edition: 3

Author: Laura Hartman
ISBN: 9780072881462
publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies,Inc.
publisher Date: 03/05/2004
Price: 149.65
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: Laura Hartman's: Perspectives in Business Ethics offers a foundation in ethical thought, followed by a variety of perspectives on difficult ethical dilemmas in both the personal and professional context. This anthology encourages the reader to "critically evaluate each perspective using his or her own personal ethical theory base." Instructors who favor an interactive, discussion-oriented approach to the ethics course will appreciate the different perspectives offered by the Hartman text. This book incorporates the traditional text with definitions and explanations, and combines it with short and long cases, reprints of both traditional and innovative articles, and nontraditional materials such as song lyrics, excerpts from classical literature, and short stories. This text focuses on involving as many views as possible in ethical situations or decisions.