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Art of the Renaissance World of Art

Art of the Renaissance World of Art

Author: Peter Murray, Linda Lefevre Murray, Linda Lefevre Murray (Photographer)
ISBN: 9780500200087
publisher: Thames & Hudson
publisher Date: 02/28/1985
Price: 18.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: The Renaissance began in Italy, but it grew out of European civilization, with roots in Antiquity, in Christian dogma, and in Byzantium. The artistic ferment which had taken hold of Florence by 1420 was also reflected in the regional schools of Siena, Umbria, Mantua and Rome; and the new ideas spread from Italy through France, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Portugal. The book includes artists as diverse as Piero della Francesca, Van Eyck, Durer, Mantegna and Bellini, as well as the High Renaissance masters Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. With superb illustrations of the artists' work and crucial historical information about the "rebirth" of arts and letters, the authors illuminate one of the most important periods of art history. 251 illus., 51 in color. "The gap in the literature of the Renaissance has indeed been filled." --Arts Review