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Politics and Technology Nuclear Prol

Politics and Technology Nuclear Prol

Author: Robert Fred Mozley
ISBN: 9780295977263
publisher: University of Washington Press
publisher Date: 09/28/1998
Price: 30
eBookPrice: 30
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: Politics and technology intersect in the international effort to prevent nuclear proliferation. Written for scientists, policy makers, journalists, students, and concerned citizens, The Politics and Technology of Nuclear Proliferation makes a highly complex subject understandable. This comprehensive overview provides information about both the basic technologies and the political realities. Methods of producing weapon materials—plutonium and highly enriched uranium—as well as their use in bombs are described in detail, as is the generally successful international effort to prevent the spread of the ability to make nuclear weapons.In explaining the problems the world will face if nuclear weapons become generally available, Mozley summarizes and reviews the methods used to prevent proliferation and describes the status of those nations involved in trade in nuclear materials. He places emphasis on the danger of attack by renegade nations or terrorist groups, particularly the possibility that weapon material might be stolen from the presently impoverished and unstable former Soviet Union. University of Washington Press