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Concepts Of Athletic Training | Edition: 6

Concepts Of Athletic Training | Edition: 6

Author: Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus
ISBN: 9780763783785
publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
publisher Date: 02/03/2011
Price: 162.35
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: Feature Real life scenarios (What If? features) encourage students to work on critical decision- making skills. These scenarios can have many applications, such as simple decision-making practice sessions alone or with another student or, ideally, as the script for role-play exercises in a sports-injury class laboratory practice session.Time Out boxes highlight additional information related to the text, such as NATA Athletic Helmet Removal Guidelines, guidelines for working with an injured athlete, how to recognize the signs of a concussion, and first aid for epilepsyAthletic Trainers Speak Out boxes feature a different athletic trainer in every chapter who discusses an element of athlete care and injury preventionThe text also includes:Guidelines for CPR, AED, and management of bloodborne pathogensOverview of the educational requirements to become a BOC certified athletic trainer.Information on coaches as first respondersNumerous medical images to illustrate the injuries described in the textNew information relative to participation after knee injuries and updated information on prevention of ACL injuries (Ch 15), sports hernias (Ch14), and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and breathing disorders (Ch13) Anatomy reviews in relevant chapters to introduce body parts to students unfamiliar with human anatomy and provide a refresher for students who have had human anatomy