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Laboring Stories of a New York City Hospital Midwife

Laboring Stories of a New York City Hospital Midwife

Author: Ellen Cohen
ISBN: 9781492803997
publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
publisher Date: 11/27/2013
Price: 15.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: Midwife Ellen Cohen delivered 1,400 babies in New York City hospitals during a career of more than twenty years. In this compelling first-person narrative she transports you into her world at the bedside in the maternity wards where childbirth dramas take place. In the challenging environment of urban clinics and crowded labor rooms the midwife strives to bring personalized care, dignity and a sense of empowerment to every patient. Like an updated U.S. version of "Call the Midwife," the British best seller and television series, this book describes some of the most unforgettable births, the most heartwarming -- and the rare heartbreaking -- experiences of her career. Memorable patients include Mia, a mentally ill woman whose stomach ache turns out to be a baby; teenager Shaniqua who breezes through birth despite her youth; and Jeremiah, a little boy born HIV-infected who captures the love of the entire staff. Through these stories, readers will gain insight into many variations in pregnancy and birth, and learn what is special about the midwifery approach to care. You may be surprised to learn how similar Cohen's patients' childbirth experiences were to your own, and where they differed.