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Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access | Edition: 14

Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access | Edition: 14

Author: Peter D Turnpenny
ISBN: 9780702040436
publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
publisher Date: 03/15/2011
Price: 69.95
eBookPrice: 69.95
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: Master the genetics you need to know with the updated 14th Edition of Emery’s Elements of Medical Genetics by Drs. Peter Turnpenny and Sian Ellard. Review the field’s latest and most important topics with user-friendly coverage designed to help you better understand and apply the basic principles of genetics to clinical situations. Learning is easy with the aid of clear, full-color illustrative diagrams, a wealth of clinical photographs of genetic diseases, multiple-choice and case-based review questions, end-of-chapter summaries, and convenient online access at www.studentconsult.com. With this highly visual, award-winning classic in your hands, you have all the genetics knowledge you need for exams or practice.• Get a broad view of medical genetics with a unique three-part structure that looks at the Principles of Human Genetics, Genetics in Medicine, and Clinical Genetics. • Visualize the appearance of genetic disorders with a fantastic art program that presents many clinical photos of genetic diseases, and work through complicated ideas with an array of full-color illustrative diagrams. • Master the material you need to know with a title preferred by faculty and students alike over the last three decades and awarded the British Medical Association Medial Student Textbook of the Year in 2008.Search the entire contents online at www.studentconsult.com, including 150 USMLE-style multiple choice questions to aid study and self-testing.• Apply the latest research with chapters on developmental genetics, cancer genetics, prenatal testing and reproduction genetics, ‘clonal’ sequencing, and more. • Understand complex concepts with the help of an increased number of diagrams. • Be fully aware of social, ethical, and counseling issues by reviewing an improved section on these topics.