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Film Studies Critical Approaches | Edition: 1

Film Studies Critical Approaches | Edition: 1

Author: John Hill (Editor), Pamela Church Gibson (Editor), Richard Dyer (Editor)
ISBN: 9780198742807
publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
publisher Date: 02/17/2000
Price: 49.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Stony Brook University(SUNY)
Description: The most up-to-date critical guide available, Film Studies: Critical Approaches covers all the significant theories, debates, and approaches to the subject. A team of international experts provides a clear and comprehensive overview of all the major theoretical and critical approaches involved in film analysis, including detailed coverage of established critical traditions—such as semiotics, feminism, and psychoanalysis—as well as important new areas of study such as film audiences and reception, queer theory, and identity politics. Chapter summaries and further reading lists help students to assimilate the material. Ideal for courses in film criticism and textual analysis, Film Studies: Critical Approaches guides students through the maze of theory to the heart of the subject.