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Advancing Your Career Concepts of Professional Nursing | Edition: 1

Advancing Your Career Concepts of Professional Nursing | Edition: 1

Author: Rose K. Nunnery
ISBN: 9780803602359
publisher: F. A. Davis Company
publisher Date: 04/28/1997
Price: 36.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey-Newark
Description: New 2nd edition of Advancing Your Career by the same author with a new name! Rose Kearney provides the same quality content that existed in the 1st edition, with updated information. KEY FEATURES: Focused specifically on the special needs of the returning RN student Identifies and offers solutions to many of the problems the returning RN student must deal with, such as setting personal goals, developing a professional identity, managing time, setting limits, streamlining work, dealing with role conflicts and stressors, and studying effectively Discusses new information relating to the changes in health care delivery; the growth of the Internet and MIS systems and their effect on health care delivery and patient care; and new career options for nurses Overview of nursing theories and how they can apply to current practice Examination of critical components of professional nursing practice, including critical thinking, leadership, management, organizational structure, change, care delivery, teaching/learning, research, and politics and power Chapter exercises focus on real-life scenarios and allow space for students to write in the book Contains interactive critical thinking exercises that allow students to reflect on current knowledge and journal their neew ideas and learning experiences