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A World of Fiction 1 Timeless Short Stories | Edition: 1

A World of Fiction 1 Timeless Short Stories | Edition: 1

Author: Sybil Marcus, Daniel Berman
ISBN: 9780133046168
publisher: Pearson Education ESL
publisher Date: 05/27/2014
Price: 45.3
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey-Newark
Description: Newly expanded for high-intermediate readers, A World of Fiction now features 32 unabridged stories ideal for literary analysis, language practice, and lively cross-cultural discussion. Each chapter in this two-volume anthology is based on a complete short story. The approach to literary exploration calls upon students’ diverse language and critical thinking skills. A World of Fiction guides students through understanding the plot, exploring themes, analyzing style, making judgments and cross-cultural connections, and debating the issues that are explored. Students also examine grammar in context, expand their vocabulary skills, and practice writing.A World of Fiction 1 includes 16 shorter stories, explanations and exercises designed for high-intermediate and low-advanced readers. Selections include noteworthy authors such as Raymond Carver, Dorothy Parker, Tim O'Brien, and William Saroyan. For more advanced readers, A World of Fiction 2 features an additional 16 selections by renowned writers including James Joyce, Louise Erdrich, Woody Allen, and Alan Paton.Both books in the series help students sharpen their reading, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills as they discover the pleasure and reward of reading fiction.Features: Reading selections represent a variety of themes, literary styles, and cultural settings to stimulate student conversation and debate. Extended Vocabulary in Context sections cover idioms, phrasal verbs, and many other areas of vocabulary enrichment. Writing activities include both expository and creative assignments in which students are led to incorporate the language skills featured in the chapter. Expanded Critical Thinking sections encourage students to analyze stories and connect them to their own experience.