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The Fundamentals of Fashion Design | Edition: 1

The Fundamentals of Fashion Design | Edition: 1

Author: Jenny Udale, Richard Sorger
ISBN: 9782940411788
publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
publisher Date: 09/03/2012
Price: 51.35
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Rutgers,The State University of New Jersey-Newark
Description: The Fundamentals of Fashion Design offers an illustrated introduction to the key elements of fashion design, from the initial concept of a fashion idea through to its realization in 3D form.It examines everything from research to design, different types of fabrics and their properties, and machinery and methods of construction. The book also discusses how a collection is formed, whom it is designed for and how it is promoted. An overview of jobs within the fashion industry is included, supported by interviews with designers, stylists, photographers, buyers and agents.The new edition includes in-depth case studies, interviews and student exercises to help put the techniques and ideas into a real-world, practical context.