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Spaces of Creation The Creative Process of Playwriting

Spaces of Creation The Creative Process of Playwriting

Author: Suzan Zeder, Jim Hancock, Naomi IIzuka (Foreword by)
ISBN: 9780325006840
publisher: Heinemann
publisher Date: 07/25/2005
Price: 20
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Description: Powerful imagery, complex emotions, and hidden connections swirl within everyone's inner spaces. As a writer, you must coax these ephemera from your mind, through your fingers, and, finally, into the written word before they submerge again into unconsciousness. This is the natural tension of writing, a blessing as well as a struggle. Suzan Zeder and Jim Hancock understand the forces at work inside writers, and in Spaces of Creation, they offer insights, exercises and etudes intended to guide you through the process of accessing ideas and images from your own inner resources of mind and body. You will embark on an inward journey through a variety of spaces - geographical, cultural, psychological, architectural, - opening your writing to new generative pathways and finding creative impulses that may have been previously veiled in fear or uncertainty. With theories and techniques drawn from an array of psychophysical and theatrical sources, including movement-based body/mind disciplines such as Developmental Movement, Feldenkrais and Contact Improvisation, these essays and exercises connect the inner process of the writer to the craft of playwriting. They reinforce the depth and dimensionality of character by reconnecting you to your own child space, provide insights into plot structure through an examination of architectural space, and invite you to enter the dark territory of your dreams and your fears to release you from the phobias that inhibit creativity and risk taking. No matter your level of expertise, Spaces of Creation will uncover ways to invigorate your writing from within.