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Therapeutic Recreation Leadership and Programming

Therapeutic Recreation Leadership and Programming

Author: Robin Kunstler, Frances Stavola Daly
ISBN: 9780736068550
publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
publisher Date: 06/14/2010
Price: 66
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Description: Therapeutic Recreation Leadership and Programming will help students learn the essential aspects of professional practice while developing a leadership mind-set. The book focuses on the day-to-day responsibilities of the therapeutic recreation specialist (TRS) while integrating ethical considerations into each aspect of the job. Readers will learn how to perform the daily work of a TRS while maintaining the highest ethical standards of the profession. The book details·         the principles, theories, and codes of ethics that will form the foundation of specialists’ understanding of the field and set the stage for practice;·         the knowledge, skills, and leadership principles that TRSs will need in order to help their clients accomplish therapeutic outcomes;·         strategies that will guide TRSs in planning a wide range of programs and services, including information on frequently encountered health problems, major program areas, facilitation strategies, and client and program evaluation; and·         methods for program organization and delivery that will prepare specialists to offer a regular schedule of therapeutic recreation programs that meet the needs of all of their clients, whether in group or individual settings.The book will arm students with the information and tools they need in order to succeed as therapeutic recreation specialists. It familiarizes students with their future clients by describing the health concerns most often encountered in therapeutic settings. Case studies for the most common concerns provide students with concrete examples of how programming works in various clinical settings. The book also provides specific recreation activities from five major program areas, along with information on the effectiveness of the activities, risk management concerns, and implementation strategies. Step-by-step instructions for structuring, planning, and leading both group and one-on-one sessions will prepare students to implement programs in a wide variety of settings.Stories from professionals in the field, examples of real and hypothetical clients, and case studies show students how to use the principles they’ve learned when leading programs. Learning activities help them to further explore the concepts in each chapter, and highlight boxes emphasize key ideas related to each chapter’s content. An instructor guide is available to course adopters at www.HumanKinetics.com/TherapeuticRecreationLeadershipandProgramming.