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The Legal Research and Writing Handbook A Basic Approach for Paralegals, Sixth Edition | Edition: 6

The Legal Research and Writing Handbook A Basic Approach for Paralegals, Sixth Edition | Edition: 6

Author: Andrea B. Yelin, Hope Viner Samborn
ISBN: 9780735507890
publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business
publisher Date: 01/20/2012
Price: 149.95
eBookPrice: 174.95
Schools: Unversity of Mississippi
Description: The highly successful textbook on research and writing makes every step of the process accessible to paralegal students. The authors provide effective research tools, practical strategies and an efficient procedure for researching the law with both traditional and electronic sources. Step-by-step instruction leads students through each stage of activity, from prewriting to revising, and covers the IRAC method, legal memoranda, letters, and more. Invaluable pedagogy features examples, exhibits, expert writing tips, exercises, practice tips, ethics alerts, and web resources. Detailed subheadings provide quick access to topics, and appendices on helpful topics such as Shepardizing and Cite Checking, Citation and Sample Memoranda round out the presentation. The Student Workbook provides for extensive practice, sharpening research and writing skills. Thoroughly revised, the Sixth Edition presents new sample pages and updated exercises. Citation coverage has been updated to the 4th edition of ALWD and the 19th edition of The Bluebook. Inclusion of all the latest changes in legal research led to the revision of references, links, and examples. Students are now given more coaching on the practical aspects of outlining. The Instructor's Manual has expanded explanations, and answers to exercises and questions have been made clearer and more accessible. Hallmark features of The Legal Research and Writing Handbook: • Accessible coverage of every step of the research and writing process• Research tools and strategies• teach an efficient process• cover traditional and electronic sources• Step by step instruction in legal writing process• prewriting strategies to revising• the IRAC method• legal memoranda, letters, and more• Excellent pedagogy• examples and exhibits• expert writing tips• exercises• practice tips• ethics alerts• web resources• Detailed subheadings for quick access to topics• Helpful appendices • Shepardizing and Cite Checking• Citation• Sample Memoranda• Student Workbook―extensive practice in research and writing skills Thoroughly updated, the revised Sixth Edition presents: • New sample pages• Citationcoverage updated to 4th edition of ALWD and 19th edition of The Bluebook• Latest changes in legal research • Revised and updated material throughout:• references• links• examples• exercises• More detail on practical aspects of outlining • Thorough revision of the Instructor's Manual • expanded explanations• cogent and accessible answers to exercises and questions *Instructor's Manuals are a professional courtesy offered to professors only. For more information or to request a copy, please contact Wolter's Kluwer Law & Business at 800.529.7545 or examcopy@wolterskluwer.com.