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Exhibitions Concept, Planning and Design

Exhibitions Concept, Planning and Design

Author: Tom Klobe
ISBN: 9781933253695
publisher: American Alliance of Museums Press
publisher Date: 02/15/2013
Price: 79.95
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Rochester Institute of Technology
Description: “Good exhibition design promotes thought and feeling through the creation of an emotionally charged space—an environment that engulfs visitors, pulls them forward, and draws them into the story and its meaning,” writes Tom Klobe in Exhibitions. Here, Klobe gets at the heart of the power of exhibition design to grip visitors on both an intellectual and emotional level. Exhibitions lays out the basics for achieving such a result: the elements and principles of design, use of space, budgets and resources, lighting and wall labels, and much more. To illustrate the realization of theoretical and interpretive concepts, Klobe provides fifty in-depth, fully illustrated case studies from a variety of exhibits. Not only an easy-to-use textbook for students of all stages in museum training programs, Exhibitions prvoides an essential new resource for veteran museum curators and designers. “Tom Klobe is an artist who creates works of stunning beauty, discerning perception, and deep relevance. His sharp eye for simplicity of design is coupled with a concern for communication with the audience. . . . His exhibit design work often shows us new ways to see and new ways to think.”—Van A. Romans, president, Fort Worth Museum of Science and History