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Exploring Museum Theatre

Exploring Museum Theatre

Author: Tessa Bridal
ISBN: 9780759104136
publisher: AltaMira Press
publisher Date: 10/28/2004
Price: 34
eBookPrice: 30
Schools: Rochester Institute of Technology
Description: Museum theatre can be one of the most effective and rewarding programs your institution ever undertakes, and it can be one of the most challenging! Some institutions shy away from theatre because it seems too foreign to their mission, while others take it on enthusiastically but with little understanding of its demands. In Exploring Museum Theatre Tessa Bridal, one of the leading experts in the field, helps bridge these gaps and leads you along the path to a successful museum theatre program. She covers the philosophical and historical background including how to find your style, developing your first program, costs and funding, working with actors, directors, and other professionals, technical issues, evaluations, promotion, presenting difficult issues, collaborations, and historic interpretation. Appendixes and a bibliography round out this excellent reference.