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Color in Three-Dimensional Design | Edition: 1

Color in Three-Dimensional Design | Edition: 1

Author: Jeanne Kopacz
ISBN: 9780071411707
publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
publisher Date: 10/28/2003
Price: 55
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Rochester Institute of Technology
Description: SCULPT SPACE WITH COLORThe first true bridge between color theory and hands-on spatial design, Jeanne Kopacz's unique Color in Three-Dimensional Design empowers you to resolve design challenges with the wonder-working -- yet cost-effective -- power of color. Written by a 25-year veteran architectural and interior design specialist, this personally and professionally enriching resource builds your design muscles and expertise with an innovative set of tools for creating color-driven solutions.A POWER-COLOR TOOLKITColor in Three-Dimensional Design shows you how color affects depth perception ... shadowing and light ... psychology ... and the experience of texture and material, and couples explanation with brilliant examples of achievements in color application. This dynamic, working guide helps you build your own skills at putting color to work. Plus, the resource offers numerous tips for advancing your career, including tools for improving initial designs and the latest criteria for client presentations that are effective and persuasive.A PORTFOLIO OF THE BEST IN CURRENT 3D COLOR DESIGNIllustrated -- of course in full color -- with more than 200 photographs and drawings showing the newest trends in spatial color applications, this exceptional resource vividly exemplifies color at work. Let Color in Three-Dimensional Design help you:* Build analytical skills and technical savvy to resolve numerous design issues using color alone* Apply a repertoire of cost-cutting color applications in real-world design* Enlarge, contract, and enhance perceptions of space and sense of place* Create better initial designs* Getideas from examples of 3D color in today's finest residences, commercial buildings, and public spaces* Enhance your career with expert tips on modeling, presentations, client communication, and trendsFROM THE FLAPSNo other resource offers this exceptional set of hands-on tools for mastering the use of color in spatial design. Only Color in Three-Dimensional Design provides an in-depth program of analytic and technical skill-building, plus an unmatched portfolio displaying the power of color in current design practice.Featuring 200 plus full-color illustrations of structures from private homes to commercial buildings and public spaces, Color in Three-Dimensional Design explores all of color's facets, from associative elements and mechanics to psychology and color's impact on form and identity.Written by highly respected architectural and interior design professional Jeanne Kopacz -- also an exceptional design instructor -- this resource helps you build an unbeatable set of analytic and problem-solving tools for meeting design challenges with cost-effective color solutions. Look inside for answers you can use right away to:* Improve assessment skills and the ability to generate quick and effective design solutions* Alter the "feel" of spaces with cost-effective uses of color* Add elements of warmth or coolness, closeness or distance, mass or empty space* Fix problems of too much or too little natural light* Combine forms, textures, materials, and colors to achieve just the effect you want* Test color schemes and improve client presentations* Impart a sense of direction, a sense of belonging, or any ambience you choose* Find answers in illustrations of some of the best color-in-space design solutions of recent yearsWhether you are an architect, interior designer, industrial designer, or landscape architect, Color in Three-Dimensional Design can help you create solutions that work aesthetically—and stay within the client's budget. Featuring notable examples of successful 3D color design that illustrate every principle, this reference is truly the newest necessity for any professional who works with spatial environments.