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Food Microbiology | Edition: 3

Food Microbiology | Edition: 3

Author: Martin R Adams, Maurice O Moss, Royal Society of Chemistry
ISBN: 9780854042845
publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, The
publisher Date: 11/28/2007
Price: 54.4
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Texas A&M University
Description: This is the third edition of a widely acclaimed text which covers the whole field of modern food microbiology. It has been thoroughly revised and updated to include the most recent developments in the field. It covers the three main aspects of the interaction between micro-organisms and food - spoilage, foodborne illness and fermentation - and the positive and negative features that result. It discusses the factors affecting the presence of micro-organisms in foods and their capacity to survive and grow. Also included are recent developments in procedures used to assay and control the microbiological quality of food and protect public health. The book is a thorough and accessible account designed for students in the biological sciences, biotechnology and food science. It will also be valuable to researchers, teachers and practising food microbiologists.