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Food The Chemistry of its Components | Edition: 5

Food The Chemistry of its Components | Edition: 5

Author: Tom Coultate
ISBN: 9780854041114
publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry, The
publisher Date: 01/07/2009
Price: 45.35
eBookPrice: 0
Schools: Texas A&M University
Description: As a source of detailed information on the chemistry of food this book is without equal. With a Foreword written by Heston Blumenthal the book investigates food components which are present in large amounts (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, minerals and water) and also those that occur in smaller amounts (colours, flavours, vitamins and preservatives). Food borne toxins, allergens, pesticide residues and other undesirables are also given detailed consideration. Attention is drawn to the nutritional and health significance of food components. This classic text has been extensively rewritten for its 5th edition to bring it right up to date and many new topics have been introduced.Features include:"Special Topics" section at the end of each chapter for specialist readers and advanced studentsAn exhaustive index and the structural formulae of over 500 food componentsComprehensive listings of recent, relevant review articles and recommended books for further readingFrequent references to wider issues e.g. the evolutionary significance of lactose intolerance, fava bean consumption in relation to malaria and the legislative status of food additives.Food: The Chemistry of its Components will be of particular interest to students and teachers of food science, nutrition and applied chemistry in universities, colleges and schools. Its accessible style ensures that that anyone with an interest in food issues will find it invaluable.Extracts from reviews of previous editions:"very detailed and readable ... the author is to be congratulated" The British Nutrition Foundation, 1985"a superb book to have by your side when you read your daily newspaper" New Scientist, 1989"mandatory reading for food scientists, medical students ... and anyone else who has an interest in the food we eat" The Analyst, 1990"...filled me with delight, curiosity and wonder. All of the chemistry is very clear and thorough. I heartily recommend it." The Chemical Educator, 1997"...an invaluable source of information on the chemistry of food. It is clearly written and I can heartily recommend it." Chemistry and Industry, 2004New, greatly enlarged or totally revised topics include:AcrylamideResistant starchPectinsGellan gumGlycaemic Index (GI)The elimination of trans fatty acidsFractionation of fats and oilsCocoa butter and chocolateThe casein micelleTea, flavonoids and healthAntioxidant vitaminsSoya phytoestrogensLegume toxinsPesticide residuesCow's milk and peanut allergies